Business Consultant Inspires a Culture of Innovation

With the latest Apple iPhones set to go on sale this Friday, a local business consultant is reminding entrepreneurs across the region about the importance of innovation.

Since the launch of the iPhone 5S and 5C earlier this month, Apple’s shares have fallen more than five per cent. Combined with the firm’s widely-reported failure to whet the appetites of its consumers, Apple’s reputation for innovation is now its greatest liability.

“A year ago, Apple’s corporate identity as market-leaders was its greatest asset,” explained Alan Adams, Director of Shropshire-based Horizons Consultants. “However, the unveiling of the new phones marks the end of one of the company’s longest gaps in new hardware releases and, judging by the market’s initial reaction, the new iPhone technology is not as innovative as investors had hoped.”

With gold casing, the iSight camera and a fingerprint sensor, the new generation of iPhones are undoubtedly cooler and slicker, but the steps forward are still incremental for Apple.

Alan continued: “Innovation isn’t necessarily about creating the next big thing. It could involve a technological improvement, a cutting-edge strategy, a partnership with a new corporation, or connecting with your customers on a more meaningful level.

“Big ideas are just ideas until you figure out how to execute them in a strategic and profitable way. Lots of company leaders like to talk about thinking outside the box, but the real test is transforming your brainchild into something tangible.

“We work alongside entrepreneurs to really get under the skin of a business, and understand the ins and outs. And we then devise a bespoke and target-focussed plan of action, which is full of innovative ideas to increase turnover and drive the company forward. I would encourage those who want to build on their business ideas to get in touch, and find out how Horizons Consultants can help turn those ideas into something that is beneficial for both the business and its customers.”


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