The Best Pubs in Shrewsbury for Watching the World Cup 2018

Question: What’s the best way to watch the FIFA World Cup this year? Answer: live in Russia, of course, soaking up the atmosphere. OK, sure, but if you didn’t manage to get yourself over there, then what’s the second best way to watch the FIFA World Cup this year? Answer: in a great pub, with all the buzz of the crowd and atmosphere of the stadium replicated in miniature.

Now, Shrewsbury can boast a fine array of watering holes, though some are better than others for football fans, so let’s take a look at the best pubs in Shrewsbury to watch the football this World Cup….

The Hole in the Wall

Apart from its impressive history, this pub has a nice central location and a solid food menu including all the classics, from juicy burgers to surf and turf. More importantly, the staff here are all hyped up and ready to host fans throughout the tournament, which makes this a great choice of venue for groups.

Rock and Fountain

The Rock and Fountain (aka The Rock),  is always described by those who know about these things as a good ol’ fashioned sports pub and is conveniently located not far from Shrewsbury train station. You’ll probably see it at least a mile off though because the landlord here has something of a passion for flags and the piece de resistance of his collection is his giant England flag, which he drapes proudly over the front of the building.

The Beacon Hotel

The Beacon” is an excellent option for a slightly cosier spectator experience. The beer garden is perfect for when the sun decides to come out to play, and then the atmosphere here is family-friendly and really sociable, which is good for getting the best out of a sport and tournament that is, after all, about bringing people together and bonding communities. Of course, those who find the footie a bit much can always take refuge and get some quiet time in with a little gaming at an online casino. (Not that the football fans won’t enjoy that too, particularly when it comes to placing a bet or two to spice up the action!)  

Peacock Inn

Just outside of the town centre, Peacock Inn has a great buzz and an even better pie menu which include a Chicken, Gammon and Mustard Pie with chips, gravy and peas; surely the perfect foodie accompaniment to a game or two?

The Salopian Bar

This sports bar can be easily identified from a distance by its striking blue façade and the sounds of the cheering crowds from within during matches. It’s a good choice for those with a discerning beer palate too, with accolades from CAMRA and a good range of both ales and Belgian beers to keep those taste buds tingling.


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