The Best Dance Classes in Shrewsbury 2014

As well as being one of the most picturesque towns in the UK with incredible shopping and friendly people, Shrewsbury has a great fitness and arts scene. If you're thinking about getting into some dance lessons to refresh your skills from your younger days or just to help boost your fitness levels, then we have got a great selection of fantastic dance classes just for you. We have tried to include every major style and represent something for everyone. There's no excuse not to get dancing and get fit in Shrewsbury!

Elite Dance Studios

A range of contemporary, jazz and street dance workshops are on offer here and Elite caters for all age groups. They also offer stretching and flexibility programs to help you build a dance fit body from the basics up. They work in partnership with local councils and the British Dance Arts Federation to put on acclaimed local shows.

Viv Kelly School Of Dance and Theatre

Located at the Theatre 7, the Viv Kelly School offers an artistically rich programme of dance training that is open to the whole public. The tuition available here is of the highest standard and we definitely recommend this if you are interested in a professional level performance career.

Centrepoint Dance School

If you are interested in ballet and modern then this is the school for you. The school offers high-quality classes in these traditional areas of dance training. You will be able to learn the foundations of most modern dance by getting solid ballet training. You really can't do better than classes with Centrepoint. Pick up some comfortable lesson gear and dance shoes at move dancewear.

Pole Dancing Shrewsbury

This is some of the most incredible gymnastic fitness that you can learn! Learn how to spin around upside down and walk across the ceiling. Okay, it might take a while to get there but eventually you will be Shrewsbury’s answer to Spiderman.

The Caroline Lewis Performing Arts School

This is a traditional ballet school and much, much more, also offering classes in theatre. There is also a top-level personal tuition service for ballet dancers who want to progress their careers and attain that professional level of polish to their performance. If you enjoy self-discipline and a very rigourous work out then this could be the fitness activity for you.

Have fun exploring the world of taking dance classes as an adult. Most lessons are fairly inexpensive and uniform and dance gear does not cost very much money, making dance a great way to keep up your fitness levels without making a huge extra expense at the end of every month. If you enjoy the artistic expression of dance, then you are much more likely to commit to a dance workout than remember to go to the gym when you are feeling tired and unmotivated. Let us know if you are a student at any of these schools and tell us how dance has benefited your life and fitness.


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