Up up and away as balloon topic takes off

A school project about flight really took off for some Shrewsbury pupils when they held a balloon race recently and discovered that their entries had travelled hundreds of miles.

The reception class at Prestfelde School in London Road held the event as part of their topic on journeys and flight.

Reception teacher Paula Ratcliffe explained: “We released 22 balloons to see how far they could fly. So far some have been found in the school grounds and others as far afield as Oswestry, Northern Ireland and most recently in the Isle of Man, where a lovely family discovered one of our balloons on the beach!

“They sent us an email message and photograph - it is great and the children were thrilled to see where it ended up and think about it flying across the sea. It really brought the project to life,” she said.
The balloons were tagged with Mrs Ratcliffe’s email address and a number belonging to each pupil so they could see how far theirs had travelled.


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