Chinese Circus States Enjoyment.

Chinese State Circus

Ttheatre Severn

5th&th February.



When you give your act the nomenclature of being state something, for example Russian State Ballet or The Chinese State Opera, as we met last year at Theatre Severn, you set the bar very high for yourself. You are saying with State backing, that your act is the best in that particular country and is consequently, good enough to represent your country around the world.

The Chinese State Circus came to Shrewsbury’s Theatre Severn not to dispel that belief but, in fact to reinforce it by giving a colourful, engrossing and enthralling performance to an awestruck audience.

Offering a fusion of old school traditional Chinese culture, such as the dextrous acrobats and the fantastic jugglers, with a new and exciting side of Chinese Arts, for example the incredibly Westernised style girl orchestra and the driving beat of Chinese trance music the Chinese State Circus did deliver.

I am one to shy away normally, from anything that has the word state in the title for fears of some kind of Orwellian nightmare overtaking the status quo. However in that, my fears were ungrounded. This didn’t look like a show that had been strictly vetted by the state as the designers, choreographers and creative directors had been free to weave a colourful, daring, vibrant tapestry of the Chinese Arts.

However, enough of fears dreams and ideals. This is a great family show that engages the recipient from the start. With each stunt being even more breath-taking than the last. Just how the Ballerina was able to stand on point on top of a man’s hand will always to me, remain one of life’s great mysteries.

The acts are encouragingly varied and range from girls doing clever spinning things with plates and doylies to Shaolin Monks engaging in some body crushing act without a scratch or cry whilst beating each other with sticks.

I don’t intend to sound flippant but that how extreme the presentation is.

This show has it all, colour, skills, talent, beauty and grace.  It is a treat for the audience, a spectacle. If I was asked the collective noun for a bunch of people, who can achieve the impossible, can leave you amazed, enthralled and delighted, I think my answer may well be The Chinese State Circus. Check this one out.
This is a four star review.
Owen Lewis.


Owen Lewis Owen Lewis

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