Reminder to recycle Yellow Pages

Its that time of year again - when the streets of Shrewsbury are bright yellow - carpeted in a sea of freshly delivered Yellow Pages. 

So I wanted to take the opportunity to remind everyone that Yellow Pages (and all other types of telephone directory) can be recycled.  Simply pop them in your recycling box along with newspapers and magazines and we'll do the rest.   We take all the paper we collect from your homes up to the local Shotton Paper mill - so if you recycle your Yellow Pages today within about 7 days it will be back on the shelves in your local shop as your daily newspaper.

With each directory weighing around 1.7kg, this means more than 80 tonnes of waste paper will be generated this year by old Yellow Pages from the Shrewsbury alone! 

By recycling them you help reduce landfill and minimise carbon emissions but crucially at the moment particularly I think it's really important that by supplying our local paper mill just up the road we are supporting local jobs and sustaining a UK paper manufacturing industry.


James Thompson James Thompson

Waste Prevention Officer, Waste Management, Shropshire Council

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