Recycle your old engine oil!

We work in partnership with Oil Salvage Ltd - one of the largest specialist waste management firms for hazardous waste in the UK to enable residents in Shropshire to recycle your waste heating and engine oil.

Remember - waste oil must be handled with care because it can be flammable and toxic.  You must never put oil in your general rubbish because it is hazardous waste and could cause an accident or a pollution incident.  Also never put oil down the drain - just one Litre of oil can contaminate one million litres of water!

Keep your oil in its original container if you can and then carefully take it to your nearest household recycling centre (like the one on Battlefield Industrial Estate in Shrewsbury) instead.

We can accept: -

• car engine oil
• domestic heating oil
• transmission fluid
• brake fluid
• hydraulic fluid

All the oil gets collected by Oil Salvage Ltd. in their specialist tankers. They take it back to their state of the art recycling facility in Liverpool where is it is filtered and cleaned up and recycled into a processed fuel oil which is then sold on to industrial customers to be used to provide heating for factories all over the UK.

This has a number of benefits including: -

• Reducing the cost of purchasing new fuel oil - saving businesses money
• Reducing the amount of waste which has to be disposed of in landfill sites and incinerators
• Reducing the need for diminishing amounts of virgin oil to be taken out of the ground
• Reducing the businesses carbon footprint
• If used as an alternative to heavy or medium fuel oil it greatly reduces burner maintenance and has cleaner burning characteristics together with increased heater efficiency.

So do the right thing, dont dump it, take it to your recycling centre instead.


James Thompson James Thompson

Waste Prevention Officer, Waste Management, Shropshire Council

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