Real nappies can save you money

Times are tough.  In particular those with kids are watching the pennies right now.  Throwing away money is the last thing anyone would want to be doing, right?  But that’s virtually what parents who use disposable nappies are doing.

The odd tenner here and there on packets of nappies seems like nothing much, but have you ever actually sat down and added up the full cost of these regular purchases?

From birth to potty a baby goes through about 5,000 nappies – so you’re talking about spending around £1,000 on disposable nappies alone!  As well as the impact on your wallet most babies will produce a tonne of dirty nappies before they’re potty trained!  Disposable nappies make up 4% of household waste - so thats 2,000 tonnes of disposable nappies just from Shrewsbury being buried in local landfill sites every year.

So disposable nappies cost you twice, as a taxpayer we all have to pay again to have them landfilled. Now that really adds up!

But it doesn’t have to be that way – you can use "real" washable cotton nappies instead.  By using real nappies you reduce waste and save money.  Of course you have to buy the nappies and the liners and you have to consider washing costs, but even when you factor this in you could still save £500 compared to disposables and double that if you re-use the kit again on a second baby.

So if you want to save yourself some money contact the Real Nappy Advisory Service via their website


James Thompson James Thompson

Waste Prevention Officer, Waste Management, Shropshire Council

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