Don't dump it, reviive it!

Reviive is a not-for-profit community interest company based on Battlefield Industrial Estate in north Shrewsbury (just round the corner from the Councils Household Recycling Centre).  Their aim is to help create jobs and training opportunities by keeping your stuff out of landfill.  Their business model wants to make the most possible use out of furniture and household goods that people no longer need.

Reviive was formed in 2010 by two Shropshire-based charities called Shropshire Housing Alliance and South Shropshire Furniture Scheme to help augment their existing furniture recycling operations.

Their work has a huge positive economic impact on the Shrewsbury area because it allows them to employ more staff, create more work placements and train more volunteers.  But its also having a positive financial impact on households in Shrewsbury because you can buy great furniture at low prices. This keeps more cash in peoples pockets and more money circulating around our local economy.  Finally of course best of all any profit/surplus from the Reviive shop goes back to the founder charities to help them do good work in the local community.

So it really is a win, win, win - everyone benefits if we landfill less and if we buy recycled furniture - its better than new.  

If you want to donate any old furniture or electrical items they offer a free collection service - simply visit and they will arrange to pick it up for you.


James Thompson James Thompson

Waste Prevention Officer, Waste Management, Shropshire Council

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