School for speedy drivers ...

Only half a dozen places remain for the first in a series of schools for budding racing drivers in Shropshire.

Hagley Car Club, celebrating its 80th anniversary this year, will be running the driving schools on Wednesday 13th of next week and then on 22nd July and 26th August, at Loton Park Speed Hill Climb, set in the grounds of Sir Michael Leighton’s stately home at Alberbury, near Shrewsbury.

Using a team of experienced instructors, pupils driving their own road cars will be introduced to the fast growing sport of hill climbing.

Event organiser, Graham Loakes, said: “These events are a great day out for any motorsport fan and are an ideal gift for people of any age in any road legal car as they provide a fun and exciting yet very informal introduction to the sport in a totally non-competitive and fun environment.

“The scheme allows members of the public to drive up the famous track many times during the day and has proved to be very popular by providing an exciting opportunity for anybody remotely interested in the sport to have a go and see if they like it, with often hilarious video footage of their exploits.

“Safety helmets will be available and lunch is provided, together with full instruction and appraisals given throughout the day, as drivers are taught the intricacies of negotiating the tight and demanding one mile course through the deer park.”

PICTURED:  Harold Bullock of Bridgnorth driving a Porsche Boxster at a previous Loton Park Drivers School last year.