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22 Oct 2015

Mugenyko Taiko Drummers

Theatre Severn



It was a full house in theatre Severn tonight that sat spellbound lapping up  the incredible experience that is the Mugenkyo Taiko Drummers Show.

Based in a Dojo in Southern Scotland  the band had not one kilt nor bagpipe between them, just a lot of drums and a hatful of pure rhythm.

The stage...

15 Oct 2015

Mowtown’s Greatest Hits

How Sweet It Is!

Theatre Severn

15th October 2015

Take five incredibly tight musicians and five guys who just want to sing and have fun and I believe you will find that the result is an incredibly infectious night of fantastic entertainment.

That is the exact formula that  P.B. Promotions offered theatregoers at Theatre Severn tonight...

25 Sep 2015

The Drifters

Theatre Severn

Friday 25th September 2015

I closed my eyes and it was 1974; I was wearing my best new Bags and Fairisle Tank top with my Spoon Collar flapping as I danced at the Silvester Horne Institute disco in Church Stretton.

No,actually as I opened my eyes I was sat at the back of the auditorium of Theatre Severn listening to the Drifters pouring...

11 Jul 2015

English Youth Ballet

Swan Lake

Theatre Severn



It was a massive ovation that heralded the end of this magical and spectacular performance of Tchaikovsky’s Swan Lake; and it was earned.

Reaching out into the community and auditioning youngsters from all corners of the British Isles, this company goes the extra mile keeping the art form...

09 Jul 2015

Midlands Creative Projects,

In association with Belgrade Theatre Coventry and Bloodaxe Books


The Hundred  Years’ War

Walker Theatre

July 9th 2015

Take thirty five of the most poignant poems inspired by the conflicts of the last hundred years, add interpretation and understanding of that work, blend with three wonderfully rich voices and you...

22 Jun 2015

Original Theatre Company


Theatre Severn 22/27 June 2015


Take everything that’s wrong about war , blend in everything that’s great about theatre, twist in a tangled love story and you will be close to imagining what Sebastian Faulks’s , Birdsong, is all about.

This is a magnificent show, poignant, moving and emotionally charged. Taking the audience...

20 Jun 2015

Treorchy Male Voice Choir

Theatre Severn


Obviously being a border town there is much fun to be had between the English and the Welsh. But tonight all ribaldry forgotten as the spirit of Wales was released on the audience and for the evening we were all honoury Welsh citizens to the last.

When one ventures to see Treorchy Male Voice Choir one expects the...

16 Jun 2015

London’s Studio Centres

Jazz Dance Company

Theatre Severn



Whether you love dance or had never explored it as a medium before , this is a show with everything.

Presented by The London Studio Centre’s Jazz Dance Company they proved they certainly know how to move. The dancers were all final year student of the London Studio Centre, having...

11 Jun 2015

Ms. Chamberlain Presents


The Walker Theatre



If you weren’t at the theatre tonight here’s a fact you might not know about Shropshire. One of the most influential females of the Twentieth century was born and grew up here in our county.

Eglantyne Jebb, the philanthropist and founder of the charity, Save The Children Fund,  was...

26 May 2015

Birmingham Royal Ballet

Theatre Severn

26/27 May 2015

Theatre goers were certainly out in force this week as the Birmingham Royal Ballet hit town. Sporting three very different dances it was obvious audience members were delighted to learn their ticket money had been a great investment.

Firstly with a cavalcade of colour, expression and delight Les Rendevous...


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