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16 Mar 2016

9 to 5 The Musical

Theatre Severn

16th-19th March (Incl. Saturday Matinee)

One hears so much about the high octane group that is Get Your Wigle On, and if it is high octane, high energy performances you enjoy then this is the troupe for you.

This company has been enjoying success after success and tonight they showed that they will continue to fulfil that brief....

26 Feb 2016

Let’s Twist Again

Theatre Severn

26th February 2016

If ever you wanted a reminder of what was going on in British Pop Music in the fifties and sixties see this show , it really does have to be the definitive fifties and sixties tribute show. You won’t get much better.

The question that poses itself is, why was this show so much better than so many tribute or cover...

16 Feb 2016

Avenue Q

Theatre Severn

16-20 February 2016

Stunning, Brilliant, Hilarious, Amazing and Awesome, These are just a few of the superlatives one could use in a description of this show. The Muppets for grown-ups is also something one could add.

Avenue Q is a beautifully crafted, written and performed show.

Those of us at fifty something, may well remember all...

05 Feb 2016

Horrible Histories

Incredible Invaders

Ttheatre Severn

3….6TH February 2016

For the second show of the week with the crew from Horrible Histories, that incredibly captivating TV show, we are met by Britain’s Incredible Invaders.

Faster and pacier than the Groovy Greeks we were taken on a whistlestop tour of the formation of the British Race. All the way from...

03 Feb 2016

Horrible Histories/ Groovy Greeks

Theatre Severn

3-6 February 2016


When the combined age of the full theatre adds up to no more than fifty, you realise that you are watching one of the most popular shows for children today. Yes Horrible Histories has leapt from the little screen to live theatre and is both educating and entertaining.

Anyone who was a parent...

31 Jan 2016


Theatre Severn

31st January 2016

There was a palpable sense of excitement  as the Theatre Severn slowly filled this evening for OperaUp Close’s presentation of Bizet’s Carmen.

With a new English version beautifully worked to fit the original score written by Robin Norton Hale. and with further work on a brand new orchestration by Harry Blake, this is a show...

29 Jan 2016

The Great Gatsby

Theatre Severn

28th-30th January 2016

“One of the most innovative companies working in contemporary English theatre,” Claims “The Stage,” as they discuss the wonderfully creative company Blackeyed Theatre. Theatre goers in Shrewsbury tonight seemed massively to concur with that view as they lapped up this beautifully crafted show.


18 Dec 2015

Dick Whittington

Theatre Severn

2nd December 2015-10th January 2016


Oh my. If you want a masterclass in traditional family fun panto then go and see this one.

Lavish, lavish, lavish from cast to props to scenery to script. The whole thing is beautifully hilarious. Each year this show seems to get better and better.

Brad Fitt is always excellent as...

31 Oct 2015

Russian State Ballet

Swan Lake

Theatre Severn



There was a spectacle of wonderful colour and vibrancy that delighted a packed house at Theatre Severn tonight.

On the Eve of All Hallows whilst goblins and ghouls are abroad in the air how better to spend it than lapping up a little magic from the captivating Russian State Ballet? Having...

27 Oct 2015

Buddy Holly And The Cricketers

Theatre Severn

27 October 2015


Although the bulk of tonight’s audience may have been Buddy Holly fans from the first time round  it was refreshing to see quite a few younger people lapping up the tunes just as much as their parents and grandparents were. A clear indication that the Rock and Roll being played still holds the ability...


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