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23 Mar 2017

Forget Me Not

Rob Gee

Walker Theatre

23 March 2017

If it was Mr Gee’s aim to confuse us as much as his characters appeared to be in this one man show, he was highly successful. However one is certain that the confusion occurred more by accident than good management.

The show is billed as part social commentary, park black comedy and part Cluedo. Confused? You...

09 Mar 2017

Camille O’Sullivan

Theatre Severn

Thursday 9th March 2017


Explosive, enigmatic, sharing, quiet and loving are just a few adjectives that one can apply to a Camille O’Sullivan show. Adjectives that apply not only to the show but to the lady also.  One would liken a trip to a Camille O’Sullivan show akin to throwing a lit match into a tin of fireworks to see what...

03 Mar 2017


Swansea City Opera/Dinas  Abertawe

Theatre Severn

3rd March 2017

The greatest thing one notices at an Opera performance in Shrewsbury is the huge diversity of people that make up the audience. Could this be because of the town’s incredibly  eclectic,  music scene? It might be; however whatever the reason, theatre goers tonight were treated to the wonderful...

19 Feb 2017

Justin Moorhouse

Walker Theatre

Sunday 19th February 2017

Not surprisingly enough given our current political turmoil people  just love comedy, so turnout for a Sunday night in February was impressive. It was obvious there were a lot of fans in expecting Justin Moorhouse to be as funny  if not funnier, than his last visit to the town. Did he succeed? More in a moment....

11 Feb 2017

Iain Stirling

Walker Theatre

Saturday 11th February 2017

It is known that any role or act in the performing arts offers up its various challenges, how  the artiste deals with those challenges is a measure of how able or talented they are. Consequently measures are met and the reviewer can reflect on those times and how the artistse did or didn’t handle those challenges....

03 Feb 2017

Whitney –Queen Of The Night

Theatre Severn

Friday 3rd February 2017

If one is a regular at Theatre Severn you will know of the proud tradition of bringing the best of the tribute acts and shows that are working throughout Europe and the UK. Tonight was no exception and for most the spectre of Whitney Houston seemed to be back amongst her people singing her songs and making...

29 Jan 2017

Birmingham Philharmonic Orchestra,

The Silver Screen

 Theatre Severn

Sunday 29th January 2017

There’s something rather special about a matinee performance, there seems a certain kind of decadence to be watching a show when others are either working or trying to recover from the week they had working. Such was the scheduling of this rather exciting concert with The...

26 Jan 2017

Vampires Rock…Ghost Train

Theatre Severn

Thursday 24th January 2017

If you are a goth, or an old rocker or even a vampire then this is definitely the show for you. Steve Steinman is back with a continuation of his Vampire story and what a great show.

Framed  within a ghost train, the narrative to this spectacular was a little tongue in cheek. It was a real a slick...

24 Jan 2017

Omid Djalili

Theatre Severn

Tuesday 24th January 2017


To see a full auditorium on a Tuesday on a  Winter’s night in January, is quite a sight in itself but the buzz was electric as the highy partisan crowd settled into place. They had come to worship at the temple of British-Iranian comedian Omid Djalili, and his off-beat and somewhat contentious view of life in...

02 Dec 2016


Theatre Severn

Wednesday 30th December 2016–Sunday 8th January 2017

(All show times available from T7 Box  office)

Here’s a bet for any takers. Go out and try to find a pantomime better than, or even par with this amazing show.

One thing Theatre Severn has always done well is the panto. Names like Paul Hendy, Eric Smith and Brad Fitt will forever...


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