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06 Oct 2012

So here we are it's again raining and I am soaking in not only the rain but in the massive amount of information that our delegates have been collecting. As I explained in my piece yesterday (Zutphen where the only red light is the traffic lights) the delegation comprises Youth Workers, Educationalists and other agencies involved not only in the youth of shropshire...

05 Oct 2012

So as I promised this is my first brief report from Zutphen in the Netherlands. If you recall this year marks it's thirty fifth year of being twinned with Shrewsbury. I have joined a team of Shrewsbury delagates that are here to explore how the Dutch deal with the anti social element of the town and both the delegates and youth professionals of Zutphen will swap...

30 Sep 2012

Glenn Miller Without The Tin Hat

The most horrendous war ever to come to our shores happened sixty seven years ago. It was of course, the Second World War. Nightly disruptions, blitzes, shortage, losses and fear were what the majority of the population at that time, put up with. It is always humbling when one meets someone who lived through such a challenging time. I don’t know if we...

29 Sep 2012

Yesterday I heard a couple talking by the temporary fencing that is hiding the building site of the new Premier Inn on the Smithfield road. One was gazing at the new piece of pop art that has appeared onto the fence, claiming it to be a mess reminiscent  of the New York subway trains, the other argued that street art is not graffiti ,it is art, just as much as a...

27 Sep 2012

 Royal Philharmonic At Theatre Severn

One strange thing about man’s existence is his inability to get through life without making classes, groups and distinctions of what is, ostensibly, the same thing. We see classes in our society; we see it reflected in food and sport and of course theatre. What is the real difference perhaps between a pop band, folk group or a barber shop quartet...

27 Sep 2012

If I said May the 6th Nineteen Seventy Seven and asked you the relevance of that particular date would you know what it might be?  Would you know that it is the date that Shrewsbury and Zutphen in Holland, were twinned? This year we celebrate the fact that the twinning is still working well and Shrewsbury and Zutphen are so intrinsically linked that in the thirty five years of twinning Zutphen...

24 Sep 2012

Cirque de Ciel Shanghi

Theatre Severn September 24,25, 26.

Are you one of the growing army of realists who have seen that, in fact it isn’t cool or kind to keep animals in cages so they can perform to fulfil our bidding in circuses all over Europe?  For too many years poor old lions, tigers, horses and elephants have been made to perform totally unnatural acts to show the...

14 Sep 2012

Cream of Clapton
Theatre Severn

What do you get when you add brilliant keyboard, a spot on drummer, a great bassist, a vocalist who has a passing resemblance to Eric Clapton’s voice, some pretty lights and a distorted sound? The answer is The Cream of Clapton.

Yes Old Slowhand himself was somewhere else completely...

04 Sep 2012

Joseph And The Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat,.

Theatre Severn, 4th-8th September

The awesome beauty of a theatre when it is used properly occurs in its ability to whisk you away to anywhere it wants to, leaving you little choice but to go along with the journey to see what might happen.

That is the feeling you will...

02 Sep 2012

I thought it might be remiss of me if I didn’t say a little about Max Bygraves as I heard his death announced on television earlier last night. At eighty nine Max has finally taken himself, his pink and blue toothbrush and his hands, out from the limelight and consequently closed another little link we had with the past. He will be sorely missed.

It got me to thinking all about the...


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