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12 Apr 2018

A 60’s Night Out

Theatre Severn

Thursday 12th April


It was an utterly packed house including be-chained dignitaries, that were waiting with deep anticipation for this charity concert to begin, the charity was, Crane Quality Councelling, and the bands on the footplate of the nostalgia train were The Swingin Blue Jeans (Hippy Hippy Shake, Good Golly Miss Molly) and...

04 Apr 2018


Theatre Severn

3rd-7th April (Incl. Matinees)

Throughout common parlance we like to use well known couplings to make our point for example, one could cite Fish and Chips or Laurel and Hardy etc. When it comes to musical theatre after Gilbert and Sullivan we British were struggling for a couple to believe in, until in the 1970’s it happened; the coupling of Tim Rice...

31 Mar 2018


Theatre Severn

31st March 2018

There was an excited air of anticipation as the full house of old T.rex-onians waited patiently for the curtain to rise and for them all to relive a little bit of their youth. Were they to be disappointed?

The curtain rose and… is that a ghost we see before us? Has the real Marc Bolan and his band T.Rex turned up to whisk us...

22 Mar 2018

Shrewsbury Amateur Operatic Society


Theatre Severn 21st -24th March 2018

Lionel Bart’s Oliver is without doubt one of the most popular (large cast) bits of Musical Theatre available to societies; and what a gift. In the right hands this show is a great fun singalong show that is so well known it is in all our psyches. Dickens draws his characters so beautifully and...

13 Mar 2018

Son of a Preacher Man

Theatre Severn

Tuesday 13th to Saturday 17th March (with Matinees)

If you are going to watch a show that contains nothing but Dusty Springfield songs you may be tempted to think that maybe somewhere along the line the show may include something about Dusty. Perhaps  about her early life  or maybe her time with the Springfields or her amazing solo...

10 Mar 2018

The Barber Of Seville

Swansea City Opera/Dinas Abertawe

Theatre Severn


If there is one spectacle you should witness in your life iit should be Theatre Severn working full tilt to create a magical show. If you have already, you will know how wonderful it is to see the orchestra pit open and hearing  live music emitting from within, you will know how it is...

06 Mar 2018

National Dance Company Wales/Cwni Dawns Cenedlaethol Cymru yn cyflwyno

Terra Firma

Theatre Severn


It has been a while since National Dance Company Wales (NDCW) appeared at Theatre Severn but in their absence they clearly have been working hard travelling, creating, devising and dancing.

Tonight’s show proved that this is a company to be reckoned...

01 Mar 2018

The Blues Band

Theatre Severn

1st March 2018

If one was to ever talk about a band that is at the very top of their game and have been since 1979, you would be struggling to come up many names. One name you could come up with however and without doubt you would be right, would be The Blues Band.

With the stunning vocals from not just Paul Jones but from Gary Fletcher...

25 Feb 2018

CBB Presents

The Chicago Blues Brothers

Theatre Severn



One would imagine that at some time in your life you have become aware of the Blues Brothers?It is the wonderful cult film starring John Belushi and Dan Ackroyd. Undoubtedly one of the most important iconic and extremely funny films to come out  of the Nineteen Eighties. It observed all...

31 Jan 2018


Walker Theatre

Wednesday 31st January 2018


Back in the Nineteen-Eighties things were changing, Music, Fashion, Art etc.  However there was a quieter revolution happening in theatre and playwrighting in general. Amongst all this new drama along with Willy Russell and Alan Bennet we see rising to the top very quickly, John Godber and The Hull Truck Theatre...


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