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I'm Liam Bird, a freelance Motoring Writer based in the South Shropshire Marches. I currently write car reviews and road tests for a number of regional lifestyle magazines and newspapers which are distributed throughout Cheshire, Herefordshire, Shropshire, Staffordshire, Worcestershire, most of Wales and beyond.

As a member of the Welsh Group of Motoring Writers I'm as happy behind the wheel of a super-mini as I am in the latest super-car. I have press accreditation with most of the major motor manufacturers, meaning that as well as always being on the look out for further commissions, I always have a number of cars arriving each month ready to review.

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04 Jul 2014

When Nissan launched their original Qashqai almost 7 years ago it seemed to take everyone, including Nissan themselves, a little by surprise. Such was the success of their new crossover that the Japanese manufacturer’s Sunderland plant all of a sudden could hardly keep up with demand; the Qashqai proved that popular. Since it first appeared the Qashqai has become the most popular Nissan model...

30 Jun 2014

“Legendary sports-coupe with rally-bred reputation. Tough, durable, immensely fast, but costs a small fortune to run”

I may be paraphrasing a little; the exact words escape me, but that‘s how, I think, a recently re-discovered What Car used car guide of 1997 described the original 200bhp Audi Quattro.

If ever there was a car that changed the game; turned the world upside down;...

27 Jun 2014

A certain blue and yellow logoed Swedish furniture store is hardly the first place I’d think of when trying to come up with a suitable destination for a day’s car reviewing. But, with Mrs B suddenly showing a previously unforeseen interest in garden seating arrangements whilst simultaneously eyeing-up the boot space in the Grand C4 Picasso Citroen had kindly lent me over the recent bank...

23 Jun 2014

When it comes to four-wheel drive, the two names that mean more to the enthusiasts than nearly all the other contenders, and in some cases pretenders, put together are our very own Land Rover, and of course Jeep.

It probably goes without saying that both brands have come an awful long way since their humble beginnings and perhaps both are now seen more as luxury brands rather than as...

02 Jun 2014

Here’s a little bit of motoring trivia that you may or may not know – apologies in advance if you’ve heard it before. In 1963 when Porsche unveiled their new 901 sports coupe at the Frankfurt Motorshow, Peugeot kicked up a fuss. The French manufacturer claimed that they owned the rights to all three number vehicular nomenclatures with a zero in the middle and they wouldn’t back down.  Porsche...

26 May 2014

Isn’t it funny how certain things just sound better when they’re said in a different language? Take food for instance: a tart-tatin sounds far sweeter than plain old apple flan; escargot to the un-initiated at least, sounds infinitely more appetising than snails; and who wouldn’t rather have a gateau rather than just a cake? In French you see, things just sound tastier.

With cars though...

19 May 2014

“I didn’t dare touch the Sport button; this one’s a bit oomphy “says the delivery driver before handing over the keys to the Scirocco GTS. Then he adds “Still, the paint job tells you all you need to know”

Ah yes, the paint job. Let’s deal with that first shall we?

It’s thirty years (more or less) since the launch of the first VW Scirocco GTS at the Leipzig Motorshow, and, to...

05 May 2014

It’s almost hard to believe that’s its 25 years since the Land Rover Discovery first went into production, complete with its pastel coloured touchy-feely Terence Conran designed interior, single piece, and as I remember very heavy rear door, and its Austin Maestro van headlamps and Morris Marina door-handles (What do you mean you didn’t’ know?).

Since then of course, The Discovery, the...

28 Apr 2014

Urban myths abound as to how Toyota’s engineers and their marketing types originally came with the name for what has become Japan’s best selling premium, nay luxury, car brand: Lexus.

Some say the name is derived from LE which refers to Luxury Edition, and US, as in USA - their biggest market. Others claim it was actually 80’s advertising gurus Saatchi and Saatchi, together with image...

21 Apr 2014

“There is nothing not to like about this car” That’s exactly how I concluded my review of the first generation Skoda Yeti after I got my hands on one soon after its launch approximately four years ago. I thought it was brilliant, and I wasn’t the only one. In the same way the Renault Espace became the benchmark MPV, the Volkswagen Golf became the benchmark hatch, and the BMW 3 series became...


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