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I'm Liam Bird, a freelance Motoring Writer based in the South Shropshire Marches. I currently write car reviews and road tests for a number of regional lifestyle magazines and newspapers which are distributed throughout Cheshire, Herefordshire, Shropshire, Staffordshire, Worcestershire, most of Wales and beyond.

As a member of the Welsh Group of Motoring Writers I'm as happy behind the wheel of a super-mini as I am in the latest super-car. I have press accreditation with most of the major motor manufacturers, meaning that as well as always being on the look out for further commissions, I always have a number of cars arriving each month ready to review.

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27 Feb 2015

An all-new Discovery


     A few years ago a fellow motor-noter gave me a piece of, what turned out to be, very useful advice: “Never” he said “turn down invitation – if you’re fortunate to get one – from Land Rover”. I listened intently and took heed of his wisdom.

   That was more moons ago now than I care to mention, but since then every time Land...

11 Feb 2015

Audi Q7


       Audi’s Q7 couldn’t have arrived at better time. The weathermen delivered ever more panicky forecasts whilst turning their yellow weather warnings to red; tabloid newspapers covered their front pages with pictures of snow-covered motorways; primary schools shut for the day. Britain was once again gripped by winter. Oh, what were we to do?

30 Jan 2015

Journalism students in Cardiff will have the chance to compete for a £1,000 cash prize, a high-performance driving experience day and a two-week work placement at some of the UK’s top motoring publications.

Launched by Welsh Motoring Writers in memory of John Arfon Edwards, one of the group’s founder members who passed away in 2014, the prize will be open to students at Cardiff...

28 Jan 2015


   Being delivered in a covered trailer is usually the preserve of the more luxurious machinery I’m privileged enough to try, even the Audi Q7 I sampled recently was driven back the press office. So it came as a bit of a surprise the other day when I was told Dacias’s Duster was being unloaded outside. Such was the job of the Dacia (it’s pronounced...

14 Jan 2015

   Ever since Alec Issigonis sketched what was to become the original (and still the best) mini on a napkin during dinner, nearly every small car you can think of has followed his layout of transversally front-mounted engine, front-wheel drive. There have been exceptions; Hillman’s Imp springs to mind immediately, partly because I had one; the original Fiat 500 too. And of...

14 Jan 2015

Soft not prickly.


   Citroen: A car manufacturer that, when it comes to design, has never been afraid to think out of the four-wheeled box. They’re the people who brought you the Traction Avant, the automotive icon that was the original DS, the H-Van, and probably most famously of all, the 2CV. Idiosyncratic...

29 Dec 2014

Nissan X-Trail

   You can’t blame Nissan for wanting to, ahem, please pardon the pun, cash-in on the success of their family friendly Qashqai, its success took everybody, not least Nissan themselves, a little by surprise. So much so in fact that their Sunderland plant has been on 3 shifts a day, seven days a week, more or less from...

29 Dec 2014

Honda CR-V

  Perhaps it’s not exactly “cool” to say such things, but I’ve long had a soft-spot for Honda’s soft-roader: The CR-V. And, seeing has Honda have sold more than 5 million CR-Vs since they first appeared, I suspect I’m not the only one.

  It’s not hard to see why. Since its inception the CR-V has...

02 Dec 2014

   There are few invitations upon which receiving for which I would readily embark upon what is in effect a 600 mile round trip. But, for some people, or should I say some Marques, I’ll readily make an exception.

    By the time you get to read this the whopping great pothole that shut all three lanes of one side the M25, and thus caused major traffic...

19 Nov 2014


   Even to the bloke in the van in front of me at the filling station this morning, the Alloro Green and yellow paint job on AMV 8, Aston Martin’s N430 Vantage press, demonstrator was instantly recognisable.

    “I love Astons, beautiful aren’t they?” he declared as I topped-up its tank. “What’s the top-end on this one?”...


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