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I'm Liam Bird, a freelance Motoring Writer based in the South Shropshire Marches. I currently write car reviews and road tests for a number of regional lifestyle magazines and newspapers which are distributed throughout Cheshire, Herefordshire, Shropshire, Staffordshire, Worcestershire, most of Wales and beyond.

As a member of the Welsh Group of Motoring Writers I'm as happy behind the wheel of a super-mini as I am in the latest super-car. I have press accreditation with most of the major motor manufacturers, meaning that as well as always being on the look out for further commissions, I always have a number of cars arriving each month ready to review.

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26 Oct 2015


Superb (adjective). Of excellent quality; very great. splendid, grand.

    You’ve got to be pretty confident if you’re going put a badge on the boot-lid of one of your cars saying that, even if it is your range-topper, but, that’s what Skoda have done, and it’s not the first time either. In the 1930’s even when Skoda were a renowned luxury...

24 Sep 2015


    In world, or maybe at least a High Street, where a many an SUV/Crossover/call-them-what you will, seems to share the same somewhat boxy and upright lines as the next one, Mazda’s new CX3 certainly cuts a well-creased dash. Designed, Mazda say, to set a new dynamic benchmark, the CX-3 has been conceived under their “Jinba Ittai” or driver-and–car-as-one ethos that defines all...

04 Sep 2015


   Not so long ago Volkswagen ran an ad campaign that asked “Why buy something like a Golf, when you could buy a Golf”, and to a certain extent you could see their point. Like it or not since its inception Volkswagen’s Golf has become the hatchback benchmark; the one by which all others are judged. It may not be the cheapest, the fastest or even some might argue the best looking but...

21 Aug 2015

   A friend of mine, let’s call him John, is an analytical kind of chap. He has an eye for detail. Hand John a pair of designer jeans and he’ll ruthlessly check the seams; he’s the same if you hand him a jacket, a pair shoes, a suitcase, you name it… He’s the kind of guy who can tell a genuine Fred Perry Polo shirt from a Chinese copy at 50 paces - I know because he showed me how. Minutiae it...

09 Aug 2015


Excitingly practical is how Honda describes the latest edition to their ever popular Civic line-up: The Civic Sport. And to a certain extent at least it’s not stretching one’s imagination too far to see why.

      If ever there was a car that exploded the myth that all new hatchbacks had to look the same then surely the last generation Honda Civic was that hatchback. The...

22 Jul 2015

It’s taken me a week and around 600miles to really make myself comfortable with the Audi 8.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m not trying to say that Audi’s flagship executive saloon is in anyway uncomfortable, far, far from it in fact, it’s just that when there are so many ways in which you can tailor it to your individual needs it takes a while before you really feel like you know it.

06 Jul 2015


   If  your opinion of Volvo estate cars is that they’re all boxy and a bit boring then Volvo’s V60 might just come as something as a surprise to you. Gone are the set-square designed lines of old, replaced instead by an attractive low slung nose, muscular front, and rear arches and a roof line that, if you stretched your imagination just a little bit, might just count as coupe-like...

17 Jun 2015


    The all new XC90 is, say Volvo, a place to relax, think and connect with the world on your own terms; it is a place without clutter. It is the result of them asking: How can we make life easier for you?

    I’m not entirely sure how I’d answer that. But I can tell you that there certainly is evidence of a vast amount of thought having been put into Volvo’s all-new flagship...

Words: Liam Bird. Picture: Rebecca Thomas.
01 Jun 2015


   “Have you driven one before?” asks the delightfully plummy PR lady as the glass elevator descends towards to the ominously entitled H block.

  “No” I reply before adding, slightly sheepishly, “But, I have driven this car’s predecessor, a couple of times”

   “Oh, in that case you’ll be fine” she says. “Keep the key in your pocket, you’ll only need it to lock the doors...

19 May 2015

     This is not the first time I’ve driven a Bentley Flying Spur. I’ve been lucky, privileged you could say, to have sampled Bentley’s lesser known – well if the amount of   “What’s a Flying Spur” questions I received prior to it’s arrival are anything to go by – super-saloon twice before. On both occasions you could argue I was in prime Bentley territory; the first drive was in London’s...


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