Shropshire’s Music Scene

When I started this blog I had images of me sitting at my computer typing away about Shropshire’s music scene with insight, wit and aplomb. 

Having tried to do that for well over an hour, I can tell you its a lot harder than you’d imagine. So I think that it’s best for us both if, instead, I take you through some of the most interesting acts I think Shropshire has produced over the last few years.

Before I do so I should point out that Shropshire’s scene is remarkable in it’s size and variety. Possibly due to an over-abundance of cows and a lack of much else to do in it’s more remote parts, Shropshire seems a bit of a breeding ground for everything from producers of dirty dubstep to purveyors of acoustic twiddling.

As a result, for every artist or band I mention there are about 20 more doing equally impressive things – over the coming weeks I will introduce a number of Shropshire artists, more as a tasting menu for what you can find in this wonderful county of ours if you know where to look.


Rob Fanner Rob Fanner
Shropshire Radio DJ Rob Fanner.

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