MoD Releases UFO Files for Shropshire

With the MoD recently releasing more classified UFO files local Ufologist Darren Perks of UFO Shropshire has collated a list of sightings within the county.

Here is a breakdown of all the Shropshire related files:

  • 10th April 1999: A police helicopter pilot reports a UFO near Wem. He describes the object as circular with the bottom missing, and videod the UFO using the helicopters powerful camera. However  this video footgae has never been released and FOIA requests have been unsuccessful.
  • 12th November 2007: Witness describes a series of lights in a circle that had an inner circle. They were on three levels with fifteen lights in total outside of the outer circle. They were also dim due to the cloud cover. They were seen by the witness who had just left the Co-op store on the Welshpool Road in Shrewsbury.
  • July/August 1996: The Mercury newspapaer reports on the Cosford UFO incident which Darren Perks himself witnessed. This newspaper article talks about the Met Office Officer Wayne Elliott who also witnessed the UFO and the article title is ‘The Met. O X-Files’.

Darren commented on the release saying:

“Whilst I approve of these new file releases by the MoD, it still does not justify the authorities covering up information on this subject. It is now becoming clearer and clearer that this subject is not just on the minds of the British public, but also on the minds of the military and our Government.”

“As time goes by more and more people are witnessing things that simply cannot be conventionally explained. The files are good for the public to see, however it is clear that some files have not been released and we will probably never see the day that they are.”

“Those files are the ones with all the answers, and the British UFO mystery just gets bigger and bigger…”

Have you seen a UFO sighting in Shropshire and would like to share your story, if so please comment below or email [email protected] .


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