Fight The Dice Delay Album, Release A Call To Arms

Being in a band just got a lot harder.

Sam here, writing the blog alone this time around. Ben and Phil have gone away to university this month, and although we have no intention of ever giving up the band, we're already finding ourselves fighting against the struggles of being separated from two of our members. Promotion, releases, reviews, mailings, merchandise EVERYTHING will be continuing as normal for us so don't worry about that, but as you can guess it's not easy for us to keep at full-throttle throughout term time right now. Which sucks.

We're having to rethink our plan of attack to make sure everything comes out in the best way possible, to give us the best chance of hitting it big this year.
One of change of plans we've already had to make is a delay to the release of the album. Chances are it'll be later in the year that Your Wisest Choice And Your Worst One Yet comes out as an album. What we ARE gonna do though, is release our first single, Bad Decisions with a music video at some point in October. Followed by a second single and the album release after that. We know we've got the right people working on the singles, video and album release for us, and we know it's going to be worth the wait for you guys when we finally get to show you the finished products. We're working with people who can get us shows across the country, as well as potential radio play on the biggest radio stations (ever heard of Kerrang, XFM or Radio 1?) and coverage in the biggest music magazines. So just sit tight and we'll have the release for you as soon as we can.

We're still booking gigs, which is always a painfully slow process (ask any band ever) and working with our wonderful, tireless promoters and pluggers to get us heard by everyone everywhere, and everything is as mental and exciting as ever but the task doesn't get any easier when your bandmates are separated by a bunch of miles. If we make a breakthrough, with a record deal or a chart position or whatever, things will change. But for now we're still just us and we're still working at it.

We're also making the facebook page more of a social place to be, with more regular updates and photos, competitions and so on, and we're so humbled as always by you guys and your responses on twitter, facebook, everywhere to the music. You guys are awesome. We're just about to tip over 4,000 likes on facebook, we're over 10,000 followers on our twitter account and as most of you know, many thousands more on our personal twitter accounts.

But we still need you guys. Which is why, if anything, this post is a call to arms. To all of our #Fighters, to all readers of LoveShrewsbury, to all fans, friends, family, everyone who reads this anywhere in the country or anywhere the world, if you've heard our music and liked it, we need you to help us out. Yeah we're on 4,000 fans on facebook, but why not aim for 10,000? Or 20,000? It's doable, and we know it is, because we've seen the way you guys have helped us grow a ridiculous amount already this year. Honestly it's incredible, and we're so proud. It often only takes a few seconds to share a facebook page, or retweet a tweet. And if even one out of every 100 people who likes our facebook page invites their friends to like the page, that'll reach over 16,000 people. And that's unbelievable.

So what we (or just me, because it's just me writing the blog this week) are asking you to do is just, share the facebook page with your friends. Or tell your friends about that blog that that band write for LoveShrewsbury and how much you enjoy reading it. Share this blog post. Or upload your favourite FTD photos, fan art, tag yourselves, tag your friends. Get everyone involved. Tell your friends where to find us on iTunes. Or even more fundamentally come to a show and meet us, we'll sign your stuff, give away free merchandise and put on the show of our lives, because this is what we love to do and we never want to stop doing it.

Thank you for everything you've done so far, it doesn't take much but it really means the world.


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